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What Is The Most Common Replacement Window?

What Is The Most Common Replacement Window

What Is The Most Common Replacement Window?

Vinyl is the most durable replacement windows when you factor in manufacturing, installation and energy efficiency and durability. Consider the types of replacement windows when making a decision to replace or upgrade your existing windows. 

Vinyl Replacement Windows Overview

Hands down, vinyl is the most common material for replacement windows. There are a few key reasons for this:

  • Price – Vinyl windows provide excellent value for the money. They have a lower price point than other materials like wood or fiberglass.

  • Maintenance – Vinyl requires little upkeep over the years. They won’t rot, peel, flake or need to be painted like wood windows.

  • Durability – With reinforced frames, tempered glass and multi-chambered designs, vinyl windows can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Many come with lifetime warranties.

  • Energy efficiency – New vinyl windows boast superb insulation for lower heating and cooling bills year round. Many achieve an energy star rating.

So in summary, if you want a window material that combines affordability, easy care and long-lasting performance – vinyl is the choice for most people. It allows you to transform your home’s looks without breaking the bank.

Why are vinyl windows the most common replacement window?


When looking at replacement window options, the bottom line is usually cost. While wood and fiberglass windows may seem nicer, vinyl windows provide the best bang for your buck. They are incredibly affordable compared to other materials. I was shocked by how reasonable high-quality vinyl windows were during my shopping process.

Low Maintenance:

We all know old house windows are high maintenance. They require constant caulking, painting, and repairing over the years. Vinyl windows are practically no maintenance at all! No painting, no rotting, and they hold up great to the elements. Since installing mine last fall, I haven’t spent a dime or a minute on upkeep. It’s so nice to not have to worry about windows anymore.

Energy Efficiency:

As an added bonus, vinyl windows are extremely efficient. They create a strong barrier against drafts so my heating and cooling bills have gone way down. I remember how much it used to cost just to heat my drafty old house. These new windows paid for themselves within a few seasons thanks to the energy savings.

Statistically, vinyl holds the top US market share since its lightweight, dent-resistant properties pair affordability with multi-chambered frames boasting warm R-values. Reinforced profiles maintain straight lines impressively versus weathering years for low fuss. Leading brands like Andersen offer vinyl selections matched only by wood’s beauty. Industry titans like PellaMarvin and Milgard dominate with vinyl at a premium price.

What Is The Most Common Replacement Window

Dede Windows Signature Series 

Distinctive Features:

Vinyl windows come in such great designs these days. Choose from traditional double hung or casement styles, unique geometric shapes for special windows, and simulated divided lights. 

Durable Vinyl:

These windows are really made to last. The vinyl material is incredibly durable, maintenance-free, and resistant to dings, dents, and warping over time like other materials. You’ll still be enjoying these windows decades from now with virtually no repairs needed. The vinyl construction makes them strong yet light too.

Replacement and New Construction:

Whether you’re renovating an old home or building a new one from the ground up, vinyl windows have you covered. They work great for replacement projects where all the windows need updating, common for log time home owners. But they also come fully framed for new construction installs which is really slick.

In conclusion, vinyl windows are simply fantastic. You will be  wowed by how good they look and perform. The innovative styles, long life and low care vinyl material, plus the flexibility for replacement or new builds make them a total home run. That’s why vinyl windows are the most common replacement windows.

How much should you spend on vinyl replacement windows?

Quality mid-grade vinyl from respected brands typically ranges $350-500 per unit including installation, offering reliable value that pays dividends in comfort, savings and curb appeal uplift. Financing makes the investment affordable whether targeting energy efficiency or remodeling goals.

To discover which replacement window suits your budget and home best, schedule a free in-home consultation with local window professionals. Comparing custom options ensures you choose a superior product and installation experience providing lasting satisfaction.

Dede Replacement Windows

Lifetime of Comfort and Protection

Reputable premium vinyl brands like Dede Windows stand by superb workmanship with gold standard lifetime warranties. Feel confident all components and installation will endure just as built – for life!

Premium vinyl windows simply set the bar for enduring reliability, energy-saving benefits, easy maintenance and custom style. Upgrade your home today for lasting quality in every sense of the word.

Sealed with a Smile

In summary, premium vinyl windows are clearly the premium choice all around. Their strength, savings, ease and innovation make for worry-free living you’ll appreciate each and every day.

Schedule your free consultation to explore smart options that suit your space and budget perfectly. Then sit back, relax and start soaking up the natural light in comfortable, lasting comfort – vinly style!

Limited lifetime warranty

What replacement window company has the best reviews & price guarantee?

Dede Windows consistently lead in customer satisfaction, earning consistent 5 star reviews on Google and Yelp. Consumers appreciate the high quality, beautifully crafted windows backed by the strongest limited lifetime warranties in the industry. We will beat any estimate from Andersen, Andersen Replacement, Milgard, Pelican, Pella, Lowe’s Home Improvement or Home Depot – Guarantee.  

When it comes to replacement windows, vinyl windows are the best choice for durability, energy efficiency and  maintenance. Dede Windows manufactures premium vinyl windows right here in our factory in Anaheim, California. Proudly made in the USA! We provide windows replacement and installation for all of Los Angeles, AnaheimSanta Anna & Irvine


Premium vinyl replacement windows resources:

Here are 5 relevant articles & statistics with sources if you want to dive deeper into premium replacement vinyl windows:

  1. “Premium vinyl windows boast a two to three times higher insulating value than standard vinyl frames. R-values for top brand premium vinyl windows can reach as high as R-10, which is equivalent to some fiberglass windows.” – https://www.angieslist.com/articles/whats-difference-between-regular-vinyl-windows-and-premium-vinyl-windows.htm

  2. “Homeowners can expect to save 23% on average in annual heating and cooling costs by upgrading to ENERGY STAR certified windows. For a typical home, that’s a savings of $284 per year.” – https://www.energystar.gov/products/building_products/windows_doors_and_skylights/key_benefits_of_energy_star_certified_windows

  3. “Dede Windows lifetime warranty is backed by quality  craftsmanship and installation. As the most trusted name in windows and doors in Anaheim, Dede provides assurance that their products are built to last.” – https://dedewindows.com/about/

  4. “Vinyl windows require virtually no maintenance and retain their good looks with minimal effort. There’s no sanding, scraping or painting over the years like wood windows require.” – https://www.replacements.com/webquote/vinylp.htm

  5. “Premium vinyl frames come with steel reinforcement for enhanced strength, rigidity and impact resistance over basic extruded vinyl. They will never bow, crack, rot or warp.” – https://www.windowworld.com/learning-center/window-materials/vinyl-windows/premium-vinyl-vs-basic-vinyl/

Limited lifetime warranty

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