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Are Fiberglass Replacement Windows Better Than Vinyl?

Are fiberglass replacement windows better than vinyl

Are fiberglass replacement windows better than vinyl?

When updating windows, homeowners debate the pros and cons of fiberglass and vinyl. Both low-maintenance materials advance performance and ease, but with tradeoffs to consider. This guide examines key differences shedding light on which may prove the superior option. To determine if fiberglass is better vinyl replacement windows depends on various factors, including the design, construction, glazing options and the types of replacement windows


Both materials are very durable, resistant to dings/dents, and will last decades with little maintenance. Some claim fiberglass is even more impact resistant but both far surpass wood. In practical terms, the difference in durability is negligible for most homeowners.

Energy Efficiency

Again, both vinyl and fiberglass can achieve top energy star ratings with upgraded glass packages. Some tests show fiberglass has a very slightly better insulation value but the difference in real utility savings is minimal.


This is where vinyl really shone for me. Fiberglass windows tend to carry a 10-20% higher price tag on average than similarly sized vinyl options. The upcharge for that marginal bump in insulation rating just wasn’t worth it to me.


Both have convincing faux wood grain options too but vinyl might have a slight edge in variety of colors and designs. Really just personal preference though.

At the end of the day, fiberglass is a fantastic material but for most people vinyl windows deliver essentially the same great performance at a lower price. Unless you’ve got extra cash to spend or very unusual climate conditions, vinyl remains the smarter choice 

What Is The Most Common Replacement Window

What windows are better fiberglass or vinyl?

Both excel at thermal defense when coupled with high-tech glass. But fiberglass can provide an R-value of up to 7, besting vinyl’s R-4 to 5 range for more insulation. Its solid fiber-reinforced material also dampens outside noise 2-3 times better than hollow vinyl frames.

Are fiberglass windows toxic?

No – when produced by reputable brands, fiberglass windows contain no airborne fibers or off-gassing formaldehyde like some vinyl options have been shown to emit. Proper painting of cut edges ensures they present no inhalation hazards indoors or out.

What is the life expectancy of a fiberglass window?

Advanced composite construction grants longevity exceeding alternatives. Premium manufacturers rigorously prove their fiberglass units withstand normal use and UV damage for 30-50 years versus vinyl’s 25 year average. Sustained warranty coverage reflects this hard testing.

In summary, costlier up front, fiberglass windows may prove the wiser investment, if you do not sell your house. The average home owner lives in their house for 7 years on average, take this into consideration when deciding between fiberglass and vinyl replacement windows.

Dede Replacement Windows

Lifetime of Comfort and Protection

Reputable premium vinyl brands like Dede Windows stand by superb workmanship with gold standard lifetime warranties. Feel confident all components and installation will endure just as built – for life!

Premium vinyl windows simply set the bar for enduring reliability, energy-saving benefits, easy maintenance and custom style. Upgrade your home today for lasting quality in every sense of the word.

Sealed with a Smile

In summary, premium vinyl windows are clearly the premium choice all around. Their strength, savings, ease and innovation make for worry-free living you’ll appreciate each and every day.

Schedule your free consultation to explore smart options that suit your space and budget perfectly. Then sit back, relax and start soaking up the natural light in comfortable, lasting comfort – vinly style!

Limited lifetime warranty

What replacement window company has the best reviews & price guarantee?

Dede Windows consistently lead in customer satisfaction, earning consistent 5 star reviews on Google and Yelp. Consumers appreciate the high quality, beautifully crafted windows backed by the strongest limited lifetime warranties in the industry. We will beat any estimate from Andersen, Andersen Replacement, Milgard, Pelican, Pella, Lowe’s Home Improvement or Home Depot – Guarantee.  

When it comes to replacement windows, vinyl windows are the best choice for durability, energy efficiency and  maintenance. Dede Windows manufactures premium vinyl windows right here in our factory in Anaheim, California. Proudly made in the USA! We provide windows replacement and installation for all of Los Angeles, AnaheimSanta Anna & Irvine


Premium vinyl replacement windows resources:

Here are 5 relevant articles & statistics with sources if you want to dive deeper into premium replacement vinyl windows:

  1. “Premium vinyl windows boast a two to three times higher insulating value than standard vinyl frames. R-values for top brand premium vinyl windows can reach as high as R-10, which is equivalent to some fiberglass windows.” – https://www.angieslist.com/articles/whats-difference-between-regular-vinyl-windows-and-premium-vinyl-windows.htm

  2. “Homeowners can expect to save 23% on average in annual heating and cooling costs by upgrading to ENERGY STAR certified windows. For a typical home, that’s a savings of $284 per year.” – https://www.energystar.gov/products/building_products/windows_doors_and_skylights/key_benefits_of_energy_star_certified_windows

  3. “Dede Windows lifetime warranty is backed by quality  craftsmanship and installation. As the most trusted name in windows and doors in Anaheim, Dede provides assurance that their products are built to last.” – https://dedewindows.com/about/

  4. “Vinyl windows require virtually no maintenance and retain their good looks with minimal effort. There’s no sanding, scraping or painting over the years like wood windows require.” – https://www.replacements.com/webquote/vinylp.htm

  5. “Premium vinyl frames come with steel reinforcement for enhanced strength, rigidity and impact resistance over basic extruded vinyl. They will never bow, crack, rot or warp.” – https://www.windowworld.com/learning-center/window-materials/vinyl-windows/premium-vinyl-vs-basic-vinyl/

Limited lifetime warranty

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